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The key to our success is your help! Throughout the year, the Stepinac Lady Crusaders call upon businesses and families in our community to sponsor important events.  These events raise money to fund programs at Archbishop Stepinac High School.  


Every little bit can go a long way in bringing new and exciting educational experiences to our Archbishop Stepinac High School students. Your donations, no matter how small, can have a big impact on the programs and offerings at ASHS.  For more information on donating and how you can make a difference, contact  

Mini Teacher Grants

Every year, the Crusader Parents Association sets aside funds for Teacher Mini Innovation Grants.  These grants empower educators by giving them the financial backing to turn their innovative ideas into reality. Whether it's implementing new technology in the classroom, designing interdisciplinary projects, or creating community partnerships, these grants provide the necessary resources that might otherwise be out of reach due to budget constraints. 

These grants recognize and celebrate the creativity and dedication of our teachers. Applying for the grants encourages our educators to think outside the box, take risks, and explore unconventional approaches to teaching. This empowerment not only benefits students directly but also fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation at Stepinac. 

The CPA has awarded the following grants:

  • The Culinary Club 

  • Photography Club - Cameras & Equipment

  • E-Sports Club - Gaming Stations and Equipment

  • Athletic Department: Replaced the turf in the “tunnel” where multiple athletic teams train 

  • Science Department - Latest software for the Anatomage Table 

By investing in teachers' innovative ideas, Stepinac cultivates a culture where curiosity thrives, engagement flourishes, and students are prepared to succeed in an ever-evolving world. As we look to the future of education, these grants serve as beacons of possibility, driving positive change and inspiring generations of learners.



Melissa Hernandez & Claudine Perez

Co- Treasurers

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